A Christmas story about achievements - Therese Gedda – International Keynote Speaker and Award-Winning Entrepreneur
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24 Dec A Christmas story about achievements

There you are sitting in a comfortable chair with a hot cup of your favorite coffee surrounded by the trickling jazz tones from a contrabass. Your face is lit by flickering candles and you lean back to wrap a cozy blanket around your shoulders. When you lift your gaze you see that the snow is falling softly outside your window and the sky is clear white. Outside the city seems silent and the air is filled with peace and harmony. People are slowly walking by your house sharing smiles when their feet makes the snow squeak and your mind start to wander about.

Then you start to think about all the amazing people you have met during the year, all the great and stimulating conversations pierced with heartily outbursts of laughter. About the late nights accompanied by nothing but your laptop working hard to keep up while you are performing a virtuous solo on the keyboard. Some of the new skills you have developed and not to forget the last minute flights to exotic countries and fascinating cultures.

You reminisce of the challenges that you have been faced with and overcome during the year, the magical moments of joy that has passed as well as some of the mournful ones. The goals you have fought so hard for and achieved and those precious moments with your loved ones sitting for hours exchanging stories and experiences. The important business projects you have been in charge of and successfully finished. The long walks in the middle of the night with a close friend and the powerful tones from the saxophone at an intimate jazz club. All the great long, slow dinners with your mentors and the excitement of being at the soccer stadium when your team scores a goal. The many hours in the gym with that special feeling of exhaustion and pleasure after finishing a workout. You feel a great sense of appreciation and gratitude towards all the people that are part of your life, those who share the moments of struggle and happiness and for all the opportunities that you had.

You reach for a piece of paper and a pen and start to think about the year to come. You consider all the experiences you would like to have, the meetings you would like to be part of and the business ideas you would like to realize. The trips you would like to take and the money you would like to make. All the things that matter to you and what you are striving to achieve.

You consider why all these different things are important to you and how you would be able to use your talents, passion, and abilities in the best possible way. You are considering your strengths and what will be the next step on your journey to excellence in the year to come.

Then you look up from your notebook and start to realize that it is almost pitch black outside and people have since long gone home. When you look down you find a great mixture of thoughts, goals, business ideas and stories written down across a surprising number of pages. You take a step back in an effort to summarize it all.

What is your vision? What are your goals? And what kind of experiences would you like to have during the coming year? Why are you striving to achieve them and how will you do that in a way that is in alignment with what you stand for and who you are? After a long moment in silence, you write down some main points on the next page in the book while the soft jazz is playing in the background and you slowly rise to turn off the lights when you realize that there is a bright year ahead of you.