A Christmas story about the great little moments - Therese Gedda – International Keynote Speaker and Award-Winning Entrepreneur
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23 Dec A Christmas story about the great little moments

You’re sitting in front of the fireplace smiling as your eyes follow the dancing flames making the wood crack. The air is filled with the sweet smell of gingerbread fresh from the oven and you hear harmonious tones from an old piano playing a soulful melody in the distance. The Christmas tree glimmers in the corner of your eye and people are preparing food in the large kitchen. The environment is warm and while sipping on your favorite strong coffee with a dash of milk, you take a moment to think about that yet another extraordinary year has seen its passing.

A year filled with excitement and success both in the short and long term as well as countless of laughs. A year consisting of so much progress professionally and personally that you have taken the next step in your strive towards excellence. All the progress with your company and the advancements within your team, the moments of brilliance and times where your co-workers seemed to radiate of energy. All the long nights in front of your computer and the sensation you got after closing the largest deal in your career. All those occasions working on late night presentations with your passionate staff. All those great dinners with your advisors and mentors and inspiring conferences and trips around the world. You look back at all those great meetings with ambitious people who went from success to excellence and are striving to change the world.

Looking at the young children playing around the Christmas tree, you start to think about what Christmas means to you and what it seems to mean for people around you. You smile when you think back on the stranger giving you a hand with your heavy bag at the airport and your offer to split the last sandwich with a stranger on the plane. Christmas is really the time of the year when the whole world seems to come together if just for a little moment and all these great little things really sticks with you. Compassion, kindness, and happiness just seems to be more present than during any other time of the year.

It is always something quite special to stop for a second and take in the environment after landing at a new destination. Regardless of who are waiting to meet up with the travelers – boyfriends or girlfriends, old friends or new companions, mentors or students, husbands or wives, children or grandparents, the smiles and the love they all share spreads joy within the heart of those who watches them. Travelers from distant cultures crosses the great oceans to see the people who are close to them if just briefly. Christmas is a time to bring people together regardless if it is in person, for a long phone call or simply a heart-warming email.

You reflect over that Christmas is about sharing great moments and remembering what is truly important to you. You feel a strong sensation of happiness and an appreciation for your surroundings, people in your life and the talents that you possess.

Taking the first bite of a gingerbread shaped like an angel, you reach for a piece of paper, a pen and recollect the old advice once given by your first mentor many years ago. What are your main goals? Why are those important to you? When achieved, what will they entail? What kind of skills would you like to develop this year? What kind of experiences would you like to have?

After many sips of the coffee, your minds begins to wonder and you write down several notes. After a couple of more minutes watching the fire, you start to contemplate over Nelson Mandela’s saying “it always seems impossible until it’s done” and you decide to add another goal to your list. A goal that has been a dream for as long as you can remember. A goal never put on paper nor formulated into anything achievable. You feel empowered to make the decision of creating a habit of reminding yourself that the only thing stronger than fear is hope. Thinking back on the famous quote of Franklin D. Roosevelt “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, you decide to leave the fear aside for the year to come and instead focus all your energy on your abilities, goals and passions.

You take another bite of the cake and smile whilst slowly putting down your paper on the table when you realize that you just finished the next part of your roadmap towards excellence. Walking towards the kitchen to join the others and feeling the warmth in the air, you think that there are so many magical moments to celebrate from the year that has passed and the year to come, that the one waiting will just be another great little one.

Have a wonderful holiday!