31 Dec Life isn’t a dress rehearsal

My inspiration from Tina Seelig about giving it your all The first time I heard Tina Seelig speak, she was explaining in a podcast an experiment on motivation that she’d conducted for her book “What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20”. The creativity she brought to entrepreneurship and personal potential immediately struck me, and...

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24 Aug Living on the entrepreneurial roller coaster

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that the life of an entrepreneur is anything other than a flat and easy ride. As with every career, there are plenty of ups and downs in this lifestyle, however, unlike most careers, these fluctuations can be very extreme, completely unpredictable, and almost simultaneous. In one day, you...

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17 Aug The importance of an accountability system

As a business person, it is easy to underestimate the usefulness of an accountability system, something that keeps you on track and true to your vision. This is because of a tendency to overlook the importance of reflections and holding yourself accountable to your own goals. But an accountability system is very important for reviewing both...

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