Find a problem and solve it - Therese Gedda – International Keynote Speaker and Award-Winning Entrepreneur
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29 Aug Find a problem and solve it

Understand the difference between benefits and features

In your business, there is one specific thing that you must remember: What problem are you solving with your product or service?

That sounds common-sense, and for most entrepreneurs and business people it is. Regardless, there are some salespeople and marketing executives who seem keen to ignore the above question and focus on features.

Features are great, of course. You can tell a customer that your washing machine has a steam refresh system that can be added to programs and explain the technology in depth. Or you could save yourself time and your customer’s interest by telling them to begin with how this steam system can be used to instantly take wrinkles and scents out of their clothing and how, when added to other programs, it can remove almost any stain. That right there is the difference between selling with benefits and selling with features.

While any good sales pitch needs a mix of both, the main focus should always be on how the benefits are working for the customer. Customize your pitch depending on what the client is looking for and what they value. Thinking of ways that the product can benefit the customer that perhaps they themselves have never even thought of can also is key. In short, forget about explaining how many different blades your Swiss army knife has, and tell the customer why they would actually want them.