Focus on the right mindset for creating energy and motivation - Therese Gedda – International Keynote Speaker and Award-Winning Entrepreneur
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19 Oct Focus on the right mindset for creating energy and motivation

Each day is a new day

It is the second day of the Tour de France, and you have just woken up to the morning’s sunrise. As you are getting ready for another day of intense competition, you reflect on the day before. It didn’t go very well; you had difficulty keeping up with your normal pace and you didn’t get as far as you’d hoped to. However, you know that you can’t linger on how things went yesterday; today is a new day and you have to begin preparing yourself to perform your very best in the challenges ahead of you. It’s clear to you why things didn’t go as you had planned, so you know that if you can get back into your stride you can still win the race.

Whether you are a world-class cycling athlete, someone working on your MBA, a business person or an ambitious entrepreneur, simply readying yourself for another day of work, it’s important not to spend all of your time reflecting and contemplating about previous days that didn’t go well. There is a time and place for reflection and this shouldn’t interrupt the energy that you need for action. Try to save your reflection time for before or after you work on a major project, since it can create a breakage in your flow. Also, while it’s essential to see why you weren’t able to perform the way you had hoped and learn from it, it’s important to start out every day with the right kind of energy and motivation. You need to put the previous day behind you, no matter how challenging it was.

Sometimes you just don’t have the best circumstances for your projects, or circumstances change in a way that you hadn’t expected. Starting off on with less than ideal conditions doesn’t mean that you can’t still do your best and succeed though, so try to avoid becoming discouraged, put the situation into perspective, and challenge yourself to overcome your setbacks.

If your previous day was filled with successes and energy, try to focus on that feeling and bring that flow into your current day. If you can maximize and maintain an uplifting flow, it can really help you to create great work. Maintaining the flow doesn’t mean just keeping a positive state of mind, however; it also includes putting yourself in a place where you have the opportunity to focus and maximize your energy. Make sure that you are in a place that makes you feel creative and productive and try to surround yourself with the people that give you energy.

It’s important to set yourself up for success by creating the right state of mind right from the moment you wake up. Don’t let minor setbacks from previous days affect your flow, and try to make the most of new circumstances. With the right energy and mindset, you can overcome the challenges you many encounter on your way to success and perform your work to the best of your ability.