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14 Oct Habits – How to be consistently great

Habits are highly effective in achieving things that are ambitious and may seem  insurmountable. By breaking down your vision into goals, actions and habits you create a blueprint for success. I’ve written about achieving goals and creating concrete and inspiring action plans previously. This post, however, is about understanding habits and how they can be managed and reshaped in an efficient way.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

What’s your most valuable habit?

There are a lot of things we do daily without considering it too much. Habits that are subconscious, conscious and planned. Some serve to take us closer to our goals while other hold us back.

– Do you know which habit of yours that are holding you back?

– Which habits do you perform daily to excel towards your goals?

Habits are a key when it comes to achieving your goals

Habits are highly effective in achieving things which may seem insurmountable. In order to do that, you first need to break down your visions into goals, action plans, and habits.

I’ve previously discussed goal setting and action plans. This post is dedicated to conscious habit forming and breaking.

Habits are not only about the activity but can be broken down to three parts – the trigger, the actual routine, and the reward.

Breaking down bad habits

Habits have the same structure, whether good or bad. You can use your understanding of habits to break bad habits. Many bad habits can be broken by removing what triggers them. Do you know your trigger for the one bad habit that you are trying to break?

Two examples on how habits can help you excel

These are some examples of goals and how they can be turned into actionable steps and habits. These are just examples, but habits are highly personal, which is why it’s important to form habits that are right for you. If you seek to further excel your performance and leverage your habits, contact me. I mentor and advise high achieving individuals in personal and professional development.

You wish to extend your professional network

Goal: You want to build a strong network with highly influential individuals, but don’t know where to start.

Action: You make sure to send an email invitation for a lunch to acquaintances within your LinkedIn network.

Habit: You block the lunch hour on every Tuesday for meeting new individuals who you are looking to connect with.

You wish to become a great presenter

Goal: You want to feel confident in presenting your company in front of 200 people at a conference.

Action: You always take the initiative to pitch your company during networking events and for potential clients.

Habit: You set aside 1.5 hours per week for practice your presentation skills by yourself and in front of others.

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Learn more about habits

If you are looking to spend a couple of hours investing in yourself and your business as well as learning about the power of habits, the good and the bad, read one of the most powerful and well-written books about the one thing that we all want  – developing the habits that will take you wherever you would like to go.

Learn more about habits in Charles Duhigg book.

Excellence consistently relies on the act of great routines, so never underestimate the power of habits.