It’s time to achieve your goals - Therese Gedda – International Keynote Speaker and Award-Winning Entrepreneur
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11 Jan It’s time to achieve your goals

Taking the steps from setting to accomplishing your goals

So, maybe you are great at setting goals. You make sure that all your goals are related to your vision, and you set specific deadlines for each of them. You know that your goals are motivating and achievable. You prioritize them and you keep them out where you can see them. But still, it seems like you aren’t accomplishing anything that you want to do. Your goals take months or years longer to achieve than you had thought they would, or they just get forgotten altogether and fall by the wayside.

If you recognize these situations, you probably realize that the area you are falling short in is not goal-setting, but rather goal achievement. All the perfect goals in the world won’t help you realize your potential if you can’t follow through on them. But there are a few ways that you can begin actively moving forward and accomplishing your goals.

Firstly, you have to make sure that your goals take up an active space in your mind every day. Having them somewhere you can see them is only the start. In order to really see your goals through, you have to make sure that you are actively working toward them every day; this constantly driven mindset is the key to exceptional results. Also, because habit formation is extremely important for reaching goals, it’s essential to work on them every day.

Another part of thinking actively about your goals is scheduling regular time to reflect and review your progress. Constant self-evaluation will help you detect when you could be doing something better, and allow you time to think about how you could do it in the future. Seeing and celebrating your own progress is also very important for keeping your morale up.

One thing that often holds people back from their goals is procrastination or otherwise spending their time on things that don’t really matter to their overall vision. It may help you to keep a time journal of all the things that you do in a day. This is a journal where you write down everything that you do each time you switch activity and attention. Try to do this once or twice a year, for either 24 hours straight or, even better, for a week. You may be surprised by how much time you are using on less important tasks or procrastination. Compare it to your core tasks, the tasks that are directly helping you to reach your goals, then make a choice about areas where you could cut down time on less important tasks.

Develop better time management habits and work on reducing procrastination. For instance, try making better use of your “dead” time, time that you spend in lines or traveling, for example. Get into good time-saving habits for organization, not just for papers and supplies, but for emails as well. Try to limit interruptions by cutting yourself off from email and instant messages for blocks of time during the day, and do all of your calls and emails at once. There are many ways that you can learn to use your time better, making it easier to keep from becoming demoralized about the pace of your progress. This, in turn, will help you to reach your goals sooner.

Lastly, you need to set the stage for your own achievement. If you go to work every day on three or four hours of sleep, would it be surprising if you found it difficult to effectively and efficiently get everything done? To reach your goals, you must allow yourself the chance, and that means taking care of your well-being. Working too much on a project and neglecting yourself will likely just burn you out and keep you from reaching your potential. Besides taking care of yourself, it’s also important that you make sure that you have the opportunity for enjoyment and self-fulfillment with what you do, and enough time to get your tasks properly done.

The bottom line is that accomplishing your goals takes a lot of time and hard work. You need to focus on developing effective habits to increase your productivity and refine your direction. This way, you’ll enjoy not only accomplishing your goals but the journey you take to get there.

How do you do in order to accomplish your goals?