Life as a startup CEO – Interview at Startuppodden

10 Jul Life as a startup CEO – Interview at Startuppodden

Last week I had the honor to be interviewed at Startuppodden by amazing Mikael Zackrisson. In the podcast serie, Swedish entrepreneurs are interviewed about their journey and lessons along the way.

The interview is in Swedish and covers everything from how I started my first management consultancy when I was 17 and the founding story of 30minMBA to some lessons from being a serial entrepreneur and speaker for over a decade.

It also touches upon highlights from my research from Stockholm School of Economics about success factors for entrepreneurs.

At the end, I have the opportunity to give some tips on how to become more successful with networking, achieving higher results with goal-setting and the importance of building a strong business culture already from starting a business.

Here it is. Let me know what you think.

Therese Gedda