Living on the entrepreneurial roller coaster - Therese Gedda – International Keynote Speaker and Award-Winning Entrepreneur
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24 Aug Living on the entrepreneurial roller coaster

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that the life of an entrepreneur is anything other than a flat and easy ride. As with every career, there are plenty of ups and downs in this lifestyle, however, unlike most careers, these fluctuations can be very extreme, completely unpredictable, and almost simultaneous. In one day, you may get the business deal of your life, then return to the office and find that one of your key employees was headhunted. There’s very little warning sometimes of what is coming. This is, of course, one reason that some entrepreneurs do what they do – the excitement and freedom of living your life on the edge. But everyone has some kind of contingency plan to deal with the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship because it’s so important to be prepared for what’s coming. It’s vital to understand not only what you will do in the best-case scenario, but in the worst-case scenario as well.

Keep in mind that while the rollercoaster may go into bigger dips than you thought it could, it can also go up to a height you never thought possible. No floor also means no ceiling. But for those times when things don’t go directly according to plan, you may need a safety net. This is why I believe that a support system, a watchful and helpful group of people who want to lend you a hand, is such an important part of being a successful entrepreneur. These people are there when you need to talk about setbacks and lean your head on someone’s shoulder. They keep the lows from being too low and help you get back on your feet when you need to. They will cheer with you when things go well but at the same encourage you to keep pushing forward to reach your full potential. They keep your highs from being too high. Otherwise, the entrepreneurial rollercoaster would be simply too extreme.

Make sure that you have a group of people that will be there for you if the risks you take don’t work out. To succeed in your own venture, you must sometimes put everything that you are and everything that you have into it. But the one thing you should never put on the line is the group of people that are close to you.