1. Presence. The benefit of living on the entrepreneurial roller coaster is that you are living in the moment. Trust me, when you’re driving a Formula One car at the full speed, you are completely in the moment. Your thoughts are fixed on the track in front of you and surviving the race. Entrepreneurship is very similar to this. It’s about taking in the full experience and making sure that you have a parachute if you would need to leave. However, leaving or giving up is not really an option.

2. Fears.
Your determination will be tested. Regardless what you are afraid of, you will need to face your fears sooner or later. I firmly believe in working with your strengths and focus on what you are great at from the start. But in the entrepreneurial life, extend your comfort zone.

If you are scared of public speaking, you need to overcome it. If you are uncomfortable with networking, you need to develop that skill. If you are new to financial statements, you will learn to create a basic P&L and a Balance Sheet. The key is to not spend the majority of your time on things that aren’t in line with your strengths, talents and passions.

“You can’t let your fears limit yourself.”

Challenging your fears is hard, but liberating. When you turn a comfort challenge – to regularly going outside your comfort zone – into a habit, there are few things that can hold you back from building your dream startup.

3. Growth.
Another aspect of entrepreneurship is that you grow incredibly fast. Learning new things and creatively coming up with new solutions to problems you didn’t even know that you were having, is stimulating and most of the time also a lot of fun.

However, you will be challenged to show what you’re made of on a daily basis. To stand up to negativity, tough problems and countless of no’s. It can be lonely at times, but understanding that things are temporary can make it easier to cope with even if it is painful at the moment. You will grow stronger and more focused the more challenges you overcome.

What is the flip-side of entrepreneurial success? This is – Doubt, worry, frustration, pain, tears and sleepless nights. When you are in a valley, things are harder. More challenging. You need to muster up the courage to continue. To keep following your gut, your passion, and your dream. To keep being brave.
Running a startup is incredibly rewarding and with people that believe in what you believe in and share your goals, it’s a rich and exciting journey well worth traveling.