Understand why you do things, then focus on what to do - Therese Gedda – International Keynote Speaker and Award-Winning Entrepreneur
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22 Nov Understand why you do things, then focus on what to do

Start with why

Things to keep in mind when dealing with project and task management. Before you perform a minor or major task, try to create a habit of asking yourself three specific things:


1. Why are you performing this task?

Is this task really necessary? Is it in line with your goals, and is it directly moving you forward toward them?


2. What is a successful outcome/result of the task?

How will you know that the task was finished to the best of your ability? Is this task important enough to merit perfect work, or will “good enough” do? Remember the 80/20 rule: make sure to focus on the 20% of your tasks that result in 80% of your progress. Keep in mind the alternative cost of using your time on a task; don’t waste time perfecting a small detail or routine task if that time could be used more effectively elsewhere.


3. What’s the next step when this task is completed?

What is most important when completing this task in light of the next step? Who will be influenced by your performance on this work and what specific aspects will have the most impact?

Asking yourself these questions to begin with can help you focus on the most important aspects of your work, saving you time later since you won’t have to go back and adjust what you’ve done. This is one way that can help you increase your task productivity and efficiency.